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Ensure that you have privacy during virtual sessions:
  • Use a secure internet connection (avoid using public or free wi-fi).

  • Make sure you have a private space where people cannot overhear your conversation.

  • Ask others to not interrupt or enter your space during your sessions time.

  • Using headphones can help to increase privacy. 

  • Consider using a white noise machine or white noise phone app. 

  • Assuming there is sufficient privacy and a reliable video or phone connection can be maintained, clients can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of joining virtual sessions from the therapeutic space of their choosing.

  • Unsure if a space is appropriate for virtual therapy? Don’t hesitate to discuss this with your clinician.

Limit distractions during virtual sessions:
  • Make sure you are in a quiet space that is free of distractions and where you will not be interrupted.

  • Put away your cell phone and other devices. Close unneeded apps and browser tabs.

  • Turn off notifications.

  • Using headphones can increase audio quality and reduce echoing.

Make the most of your scheduled session time: 
  • Join scheduled sessions on time. You may want to consider logging in 5 minutes prior to session to allow time to troubleshoot difficulties. 

  • If you have trouble logging in to your session, please call the office at 519-513-2441.  

  • Avoid multitasking during the session (e.g., checking notifications, opening other browser tabs, sending messages, etc.). 

  • You may wish to allow a few minutes before or after the session to breathe, be mindful, or reflect on the session before transitioning to your next activity.

Set up your space:
  • Ensure your device is fully charged or plugged in for the session.

  • Ensure that the lighting appropriate so you can be seen clearly by your clinician.

  • Have any needed materials (e.g., pen and paper, completed worksheets) nearby.

It is important for your clinician to know your location during every virtual session. At the start of every session, please let your clinician know if you are not at your usual session location:
  • If there is concern about risk or your safety this ensures your clinician can provide your location to your emergency contact or to emergency services.

  • This allows your clinician to provide you with information about supports and resources in your area.

  • If there is any kind of emergency situations that occurs during a session this allows emergency services to be directed to your location.

  • Clinicians are only allowed to provide services in locations where they are licensed or authorized to practice and services are typically considered to occur where the client is located.  

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