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How do I access my video session? 


What should I do if I forget my username or password?

  • Our administrative staff can help! Contact them at 519-513-2441.  


Why is there no “Join” button to access my video session?

  • The “Join” button will appear 30 minutes prior to the appointment time.

  • Still not there? Please call the office at 519-513-2441.     


What can I do if my internet connection is weak or slow?

  • Ask others using the same internet connection to avoid streaming or downloading anything during your session.

  • Move closer to your router, if possible.

  • Consider connecting via ethernet cable or cell phone data (rather than wi-fi).

  • If poor internet connection is interfering with a session, you and your clinician may switch to an audio-only or phone session.


What should I do if we are disconnected during session?

  • Follow the plan for managing disconnections if that has been discussed with your clinician; Otherwise:

  • Try refreshing your browser or re-joining the session.

  • Wait for your clinician to call you at the phone number on file.

  • If you have not heard from your clinician after 5 – 10 minutes you can contact the office at 519-513-2441.  


What devices and browsers can I use for Owl Video sessions? 

  • Most computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are able to access Owl Video. 

  • Your device must have access to internet, wi-fi, or cellular data.

  • Apple does not permit webcam access when using Google Chrome on Apple mobile devices. All users using iPads or iPhones are advised to use Safari as their browser for video sessions.

  • To reduce technical issues and increase security, ensure that your browser is updated to the latest version. 


Can I join sessions from anywhere in the world?

  • Clients can meet with their clinician from anywhere in Ontario. 

  • In addition, psychologists in Ontario are permitted to provide telepsychology to clients who are temporarily in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland (advanced notice is required), Quebec, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

  • While continuing virtual sessions may be possible in other provinces, territories, or countries, obtaining permissions can be lengthy process or may only be allowed in specific circumstance. 

  • It is recommended that you provide your clinician with considerable notice if you plan to be outside of Ontario during therapy sessions. 


If I do not care about others overhearing the session, is it fine to meet in a public place or when there are other people around?

  • Other than in exceptional circumstances, your clinician will not continue a therapy session if you are in a public place. In addition to protecting your privacy, this is to ensure that you are present and able to fully engage in the process of therapy. 


Should I stay in the room or close by to ensure my child is focused during their session?

  • Unless you are an active part of your child’s therapy session (i.e., are on screen to receive an update, are joining the session to learn skills to support your child’s therapy goals, etc.), it is important that your child have full privacy for their session. 

  • Your child’s clinician will ensure that your child is sufficiently focused and engaging appropriately in therapy. 

  • If your child’s clinician has concerns about virtual therapy or other aspects of the therapeutic process, they will arrange a time to speak with you. 


Can I join sessions while I am driving?

  • To ensure the safety of yourself and other drivers, your clinician will not continue a therapy session if you are driving. 

  • Similarly, to ensure safety, privacy, and adequate engagement in the therapeutic process, your clinician will not continue a session if you are in a car while someone else is driving.

  • If feasible, you can discuss re-joining the session once you arrive home or to another sufficiently private location (e.g., a parking lot, street parking, or a green space)  


Can I use Owl Secure Messaging if I need to urgently contact my therapist?

  • Similar to email, Secure Messaging is not to be used in time-sensitive, urgent, crisis, or emergency situations. 

  • Because clinicians are with clients for most of their day, email and secure messaging are checked infrequently and are not checked outside of regular business hours or while clinicians are away.

  • For time-sensitive or urgent matters it is best to contact our administrative staff at 519-513-2441. They will be able to assist you or ensure that your clinician receives your message as soon as is feasible.

  • For crisis or emergency situations, please contact:

    • your family doctor

    • Here 24/7 at 1-844-437-3247

    • The Mobile Crisis Unit Though Front Door at 519-749-2932

    • Or go to the emergency room of your local hospital


What platform do you use for video sessions? Is my personal data secure?

  • Owl Practice is a web-based practice management system which we use for scheduling, billing, storing client records, and video sessions.

  • Owl Video runs on Owl’s owned-and-operated servers located in Toronto (not a third-party cloud).

  • The video stream is encrypted on both ends and OWL does not record or store the sessions. 

  • OWL Video meets the strict security, legislative, compliance, and best practice requirements that psychologists must follow in Ontario. 

  • OWL also has an encrypted messaging feature which will allow for secure communication and secure document sharing with your clinician, reducing the need to use unencrypted email communication.

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